Home-School Compact

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Potter Burns Learning Community to enable our students to become well educated members of society. We, the faculty and staff, with the cooperation and support of parents and the community, will hold all our students accountable to reach high standards of academic performance and citizenship. Through high quality, effective instruction, students will learn to work cooperatively with others, become creative problem-solvers and responsible, life-long learners.  

As a school, we agree to:

  • Teach classes using best practices to address the needs of all our students
  • Have high expectations and help every child to develop a love for learning
  • Communicate regularly with families about student progress
  • Provide a safe and caring learning environment
  • Actively participate in collaborating with families and my colleagues to make our school
    an accessible and welcoming place which will help students achieve our schools high academic standards
  • Respect the school, students, staff, and families

 As students, we agree to: 

  • Read for at least 30 minutes every day
  • Ask for help whenever there is a problem
  • Come to school ready to learn and work hard
  • Know and follow school and class rules
  • Respect the school, classmates, staff and families

As family, we agree to: 

  • Provide a quiet time and place for homework
  • Read to my child and/or encourage my child to read at least 30 minutes every day
  • Ensure that my child attends school every day, gets adequate sleep, and is at school on time
  • Regularly monitor my child’s progress in school
  • Participate in school activities such as school decision making, volunteering and/or attending parent/teacher conferences
  • Communicate the importance of education and learning to my child
  • Respect the school, staff, students, and families